Answers to questions our customers ask

With over 20+ years experience we have seen a lot.

Here are some of the most common questions asked to our trained professionals.

God is in control, we just get to manage the assets.  

We are licensed in Texas, based in Irving, Texas, and will travel all over the DFW Metroplex

We use products that when applied properly are on the lower end of the toxicity scale and are kid and pet friendly.

It seems to be a weird question, but all products have a label.  The label is law, and if it’s not on the label, it can’t be done.  People ask all  the time ” can’t you just do …whatever?”  The answer is no, we can’t just…!

We take all the biggies,  cash, check, all major credit cards, and Venmo.

Yes, we service commercial accounts as well as residential.

Yes, there are some jurisdictions that don’t allow professional trapping, but call to check.

Be mindful of definitions.  Organic does not necessarily mean safe. Arsenic and Anthrax are organic. We use the low impact products and methods that achieve your desired results.

The 80’s called and wanted their pest control back.  There are certain procedures that still require vacating the home such as Bed Bugs or fleas. But, for the most part, you are fine staying right at home.