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Pests want to share your living space, and we want to show them the door. All American Pest Management offers the Eagleguard family of services for both residential and commercial needs. We have the Eagleguard Basic, Eagleguard Plus, Eagleguard Advanced Termite System and don't forget to ask about our specialty services.


The basic service is a general pest management program designed for the homeowner or business who gets an occasional pest in and around their home or office, and wants to stay on top of a situation before it leads to an infestation. The basic plans cover your home or business for most crawling insects. The Basix plans covered insects include American and Smoky Brown roaches, most ants including odorous house, acrobat, argentine, thief, little black, rove, field, regular crazy ants, pyramid, pavement and fireants with the 10 foot perimeter coverage. Also covered spiders, ground beetles (non wood boring, fabric or pantry), earwigs, pillbugs, silverfish and nesting wasps

For most Texas homeowners we recommend a quarterly service because... well, because it’s Texas.

The Eagleguard™ Basic plan includes inspection and necessary treatment of interior cracks and crevices, plumbing and wall voids and a ten foot coverage area of the exterior. Additional services and coverage areas can be purchased and added on to your services, but our plans were designed to limit the amount of add-ons needed to manage the populations of unwanted visitors around your home or office. That way we are there to solve problems, not sell you extra stuff.

Plans start at

$99 and up

One time and initial service will have start up fee based on size and scope of initial problems


The plus services offer all of the same coverage as the Basix plan, but because sometimes you need a little extra added to your pest program, we’ve got you covered. The plus plans are more custom designed to your specific needs and concerns. The plus plans can be designed to add coverage against rodents, fire ants beyond the 10 foot basix coverage area, german cockroaches, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, fleas/ticks, crickets, fabric and pantry pests does just that with the addition of fire ants in the yard and small carpenter ant treatments. We’ll evaluate your needs and put your PLUS plan into action.

Basic Plus plans start at

$114 and up

One time and initial service will have start up fee based on size and scope of initial problems


Key Benefits of the Service

Insects invade your home, your office, anywhere they dang well please, that's where the Eagleguard family of reduced risk programs comes in.

Don't feel you're out of luck when it comes to getting fast, reliable pest management service for your business or organization. Get your property sanitized and free of insects again for your employees, customers, and visitors. We offer services for office buildings, warehouses, retail/stores, health-care services, restaurants, non-profits, churches, schools, and daycares.

The Eagleguard™ pest management programs are designed with the health and safety of you, your family and/or your employees in mind, especially when it comes to pesticides, our reduced risk pest management programs are designed for today’s ever changing environment.
If “Going green” is important you, your family or to your employees and customers, then our reduced risk pest services might be a perfect fit for your home or business. We’ve been “green” since before it was fashionable, so we were ahead of the game to try and balance the need to manage pests and keep your environmental quality healthy.
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