Pest Management and Control | Irving, TX
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Our Mission:

We promise to constantly strive to achieve results that really matter. First and foremost to serve God, thereby making us better equipped to serve you and the community. We try to never overpromise re-sults, but diligently pursue solutions until your pest problem is solved to your satisfaction (at least for that day because this is Texas ya know). We scientifically approach each account differently to offer a fair value priced reduced risk pest management service uniquely suited for your specific needs. We will tire-lessly pursue policies, procedures and pesticides designed to optimize the balance between God’s natural pest control and reduced amounts of man made materials. And finally, you’re not just a customer to us, you’re family so we promise never to take ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun buggin’ your bugs.

Our Vision:

All American Pest Management will continue to research and develop new and different Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods and materials to stay ahead of an ever changing environment and an ever changing government regulatory climate.

All American Pest Management seeks continued growth as a Christian-based family owned and operated environmental sciences company. We envision a continued focus on expanding our Texas opera-tions, becoming synonymous with the best in local company operations, and in this age of merger’s and acquisitions, we have no intentions of selling out, so we will be around for quite a while. But, if the good Lord deems it necessary for All American Pest Management to branch out, then we will bring Texas values to the rest of the country.

We promise to:

Treat your home as if it is our own, and we wouldn’t apply anything around your home and family that we wouldn’t use around our own.

Optimize the environmental quality in and around the workplace. Your employees and customers have a diverse spectrum of tolerance of pesticide applications, so it’s always best to err on the side of reduced-risk.

Cut through the myths of organic natural remedies, yet still deliver quality and value and results in a service we can sell. If you’re dead set on using bat hoo-hah and moon-sauce, and the sweat of your brow, we’ll point you in the right direction for your do it yourself experiment.

We offer a 10% discount off all Eagleguard™ pest management services and heartfelt thank you for your service to our community and nation.

Continue to be fully licensed and insured Texas small game hunters.